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Where there is no limit to our small town hospitality!


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STERLING CITY, TEXAS has been called the "Windmill City" because at one time, the number of windmills standing in the city boundaries was near 150. However, the number of windmills has diminished within the City, but windmills can still be seen throughout the range land and still serve a valuable aide for ranchers of Sterling County.

In the last few years, Sterling County has become the home for the modern day windmills as numerous wind farms are sprouting up all over the County.

Sterling City, the county seat and only city in Sterling County, is a community with just over 1000 people enjoying the comfort and pleasure that can only be found in a small town. We invite you to come visit our friendly community where family and friends will always remain a priority.

We know that once you visit, you'll want to call it your home!