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Sterling City, Texas - Homepage

Sterling City Government

City Hall
618 4th Street (Hwy 87)
PO Box 1022
Sterling City, Texas  76951

Phone:     325-378-2811
Fax:     325-378-2334

Sterling City is a Type A General Law City.
City Council meetings are held at 6:00 pm on every second Monday at the County Appraisal  Office next to City Hall.

Web site:    www.sterlingcitytexas.com

Lane Horwood

City Secretary
Marla Arizola

City Utilities
Candy McCaleb

Public Works Director
Richard Seals

Council Members

Council Member Ward #1 Charlie Stevens

Council Member Ward #1 Bill Smith

Council Member Ward #2 Vacant

Council Member Ward #2 George Rodriguez

Council Member Ward #3 Randy Guetersloh

Council Member Ward #3 Karen Hodges