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Hunting Leases Available

Please email edc@sterlingcitytexas.com if you would like to publish your Sterling County lease information on this website.

Hunting Property Available
Deer, Turkey, Quail, Javelina, Bobcat, etc.

Contact Person:  Omar Velazquez

Phone 954-605-9772 or 305-613-1575
Email:  omar@texasqualityhunts.com
Web page:  http://www.texasqualityhunts.com/

Currently, we manage over 100,000 acres for all types of Guided, Semi-Guided hunts and Leased properties, located around the Concho River and near by counties.  Our properties are strictly managed and under close supervision so that game is not over hunted thus producing Trophy Game.

A variety of Game and Fowl are harvested and made available for all types of hunts.

We have produced many trophy Whitetail Bucks varying from the 130's - 170's B&C as well as numerous large Whitetail Does, Rio Grand Turkeys, Javalinas, Feral Hogs, Varmits and more.  Also, Dove and Quail are harvested and available for Hunts or Leases.

Many Exotics as well roam our properties.  These include Axis, Follow, Elk, Red Stag, Rams, Ibex and Aoudad are just to name a few.

Season hunting and day hunting. 

Property is available.

Call or email for more information.

Hunting Property Available
All legal game

Contact Person:  James A. Miller

Phone 325-653-8478
Email: millerranch158@yahoo.com
Web page:   http://www.millerranchonline.com

Size of Property available:  710 acres
Location:   Property is located north of Highway 158 at Sterling / Coke County line
Lodging:  35 foot trailer
Season hunts
Fees to be nogotiated.

Property is available.

Please call or email for more information.

Hunting Property Available:
Deer, Turkey, Quail, Bobcat

Contact Person:   Wesley Glass

Phone:   432-264-3920
Email:   wildcatranchsterlingcity@gmail.com

Location:   7 miles NE of Sterling City, Texas
Lodging:   Cabin available
Day Hunting
Variable rates

Property is available.

Please call or email for more information.